I have been asked to give some advice on how to make sense of all the Noise that is out there when trying to market your business in this fast paced digital world that we live in today.

So I will be publishing a series of stories that will give you the right information to make educated decisions when considering what the most cost effective way is for you to leverage your marketing dollar, so that when your customers are in the purchase cycle for your products and services they will remember you and remember you best.

The secret is to delight the mind of the customer before they are in the purchase cycle, to be top of mind or at least on the customers shopping list when they are ready to buy what you are offering today, but consistency amongst many other factors is paramount in achieving any of your objectives in marketing your Business whether they are short or long term goals?

The realization of what you really would like to achieve in Business comes from the real reason why you went into business in the first place and how it will be measured will dictate your failure or success.
So why did you go into business in the first place? And what do you really want to achieve Are you after a big week, a big month, a big quarter…or a big business? Any marketing campaign you select has to be designed accordingly, because one size does not fit all needs.

Short term call to action campaigns are easily ignored and soon forgotten by people who are not actively in the market for what you’re selling right now. So a series of short term campaigns won’t have long lasting effects.

If people generally hate advertising (and they do), how can you make it work? If this issue isn’t addressed your advertising will join the swelling ranks of ineffective and under achieving campaigns. People hate advertising because they see it as being obviously manipulative and full of lies and exaggeration. There are ways to overcome this issue –but beware of the media rep who asks: “What’s your budget?” and what do you want to say?” He/she is going to magically make “the ideal campaign” match how much you want to spend, rather than have the courage to tell you how much you need to spend on an effective campaign.

To get results, you need to ask, and be asked, the right questions (even the tough ones) – and get the right answers.

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