I.e. being generic and not giving people a strong, unique reason to go to your business rather than somewhere else. The only rare exception is if the business is the market leader by A MILE and will pick up the majority of customers either way, but even then, telling your best story will be more powerful again. There’s an easy test that shows whether or not you’re on the right track – simply remove your business name from the script and add a competitors name. If it’s feasible that the competitor could have the same ad saying the same things, then you’ve missed the mark.

Opening with a question is risky because as you’ve noted you’re inviting people to “not plays your game” and immediately switch off, and also you’re assuming their answer to the question will be the one you want, in this case “Yes”, but the majority of people will answer “No” and straight away you’ve lost them. The central objective of branding advertising is to have people think of you when they do want what you’re offering, when their answer is yes, so again it’s about giving a strong, unique, relevant reason that stays with them, not a question that receives a “No” and no further attention.

Unfortunately, a lot of ads across all mediums make these and other basic mistakes, so taking notice of what others are doing is usually a lesson in what not to do rather than good guidance.

If you are series about building brand then it takes time and a plan that has the end in mind.

Nordic Media can uncover your best story that will relate to the felt need of the customer for when they are in the purchase cycle of what you are offering today .The secret is knowing where you should be spending your Marketing dollar to obtain the correct frequency for the Medium chosen.

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